The Gleekly.


Cory dancing to Safety Dance

credit to allcory

Glee Live 2011 - Las Vegas videos


Hi, guys~  :D

With the Glee Live movie being done showing in theaters, the videos that I took from the Las Vegas show are available to view again on my Youtube channel (with the exception of “Don’t Stop Believing” that got deleted)~

Dog Days Are Over Part 1 / Part 2


Slave 4 U

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Born This Way

Teenage Dream + Silly Love Songs + Raise Your Glass

Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy

River Deep Mountain High

Klaine skit with Brittany

Loser Like Me

Single Ladies


Empire State of Mind

Somebody To Love

Pretty Young Thing + Don’t Rain On My Parade + Valerie +Safety Dance  (This is a compilations of videos taken by my cousin.  Kevin’s performances don’t have visuals for some reason…)


Glee 3D Movie - “Slave 4 U” clip


On the Road With Kurt Hummel


About 2 months late, but I figured I’d post it since the movie is coming out on Friday.

Empire State Of Mind - June 12th, 2011 (3 PM show)

Focuses on Dianna ‘D-Dizzle’ Swagron.

Rachel Berry performs “Don’t Rain On My Parade”


Glee Live! 3D - Raise Your Glass clip


June 9, 2011 - Washington, DC - Friday (idolgrl84)